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Hello, I am Gage! I enjoy programming a lot. I've created websites, Web Applications, and more. I am a self taught developer and I have been programming for ~8 years and still learning new technologies every day, mostly focusing on Laravel and design.

About Me


It all started in 2013 when I tried out for a professional StarCraft 2 Team. I didn't make the competitive team but did meet their web developer from New Zealand. He inspired me to learn the website and to grow my knowledge. Little did I know it would lead to a life long passion.

My Senior year in high school I created my first public website for an actual client, a thrift shop in my local town. This was my first major project. The website needed to have a CMS (Content Management System) that way she could update the website. Even though this website didn't last long I learned a great deal about web development by trial and error.

Present day I haven't expanded my client base very much. I have continued my learning with eSports organizations websites and FiveM communities. These communities/organizations come and go without much thought. I am now starting to build my own portfolio with different open source web applications. To do this I am looking for more real life clients to get their business online in a world changed due to COVID19.

If you are interested in working with me on your next online project feel free to message me using the form below. I do have a full time overnight job but I will email you back with a time and date that we can have a phone call. If you're not convinced check out my projects below!



  • Bootstrap V4 & V5
  • Tailwind CSS


  • PHP
  • Codeigniter
  • Laravel


  • Laravel Livewire
  • Git
  • VSCode


FiveM CAD/MDT System

This is a police type CAD/MDT system for roleplay communities. This is a work in progress to open source it. It includes everything from applications to whitelisting while still a fully functional MDT!

This Website!

New and improved website for Gage's Space. Will feature a blog section as well as all docs for my other projects. Be sure to look around and fell free to use the contact form on the bottom to reach me!

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